Description of Excursion:

  • Horas: 5,30 aprox.
  • Precio: 30€

Descripción de la excursión:

We offer you the chance of making a trip on the top of the Ordesa Valley. From its overlooks we will gaze beautiful aerial views such as the Mondarruego massif, the Tozal del Mayo, the Carriata circus, the Gallineroi pick, The Rolando Brecha, the Fraucata massif, the Cotatuero fall, the Soaso gradas, etc. We will reach a high of 2000 metres by car. Besides, we will watch the summits over 3000 meters such as the Cilindro, the Monte Perdido, the Taillon, The Añisclo, the Punta de las Olas. . From there we will enjoy the views of neighbor valleys: Vio Valley, Ara Valley, Añisclo Canyon. All that with the sporadic appearance of some vulture, bearded vulture, chough, marmot, mountain goat, and a wide range of flora such as edelweiss, wild iris, Saxifrage longifolia Lapeyr…This excursion take us at about 5-6 hours. We will spend three hours hiking on the top to get to the overlooks, making no effort and taking up a pace according to the kind of group. We will have the time required to enjoy the views, to take photos, and to look at the overall picture of the National Park of Ordesa y Monte Perdido. This trip is available for everybody, even if one is not in a good shape. It is only necessary to walk a little since there are not important slopes.

Summer Timetable: from 8,30 to 14,00 in the morning; from 15,00 to 20,30 in the afternoon

We have special prices for groups.

Please, contact us to find out for more information.

(If you want we can prepare a pick nick for you)

Miradores de Ordesa at your leisure: we drive you to the mountain and you choose the way to come back (80€ Land Rover 8 people) It is outside of normal schedule of the classic trip.